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Wang Becomes Free Agent

December 13, 2009 2 comments

The Chien-Ming Wang era in New York has finally ended (*mixed boos and cheers*). The Yankees decided on not tendering Wangs contract before the 11:59pm deadline Saturday. New York opted to tender contracts to outfielder Melky Cabrera and pitchers Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre. The decision basically came down to starters/trade bait. Cabrera is the current left fielder (and trade bait), and Gaudin and Mitre are current candidates for the back of the rotation. Had the Yankees tendered his contract, arbitration would have given him 20% less than his $5 mil. contract for this season.

photo by AP/Franklin II

In 104 career starts as a Yankee, he went 55-26 with a 4.16 ERA in 5 seasons as a Yankee. Of course, his two 19-win seasons were considered his best, and his accuracy was pin-point. He started 2008 8-2 and everyone remembers that one June day in 2008 in Houston when he tore a muscle in his foot and sprained his ankle rounding third base causing him to be out until September. Then this past season came, and he got knocked around and had a record of 1-6 with a 9.64 ERA before he was shut down for the season due to shoulder surgery.
Wang and his agent expect to get offers from other teams very soon, and if it would be from the Yanks it would be for much less money.

Interview with Chad Jennings from The LoHud Yankees Blog

October 28, 2009 2 comments

The following interview was conducted by Brandon Cohen. Brandon along with the staff at The Pinstriper would like to express our gratitude to Chad Jennings for sharing his time for this interview.

Without further ado, here is the interview in its entirety:

1. In a recent blog post I debated whether I would prefer Ryan Howard or Mark Teixeira for this series….which would you take?

Right now I would take Howard. He’s as hot as anyone not named Alex Rodriguez, and he’s even getting Rodriguez a run for his money. I got to see Howard hit quite a bit in Scranton, and he’s more than just a pull-the-ball power hitter. He can go the other way. He can move runners. He’s not awful at first base. On the whole, though, I think Teixeira is a more complete player. Just hard to overlook what Howard’s done this postseason.

2. With Pedro Martinez starting game 2, do you think the Yankees or Pedro have the upper hand? (Which has the advantage in that matchup)

I think Pedro’s a little different pitcher than he used to be. He’s still mixing his pitches, but this isn’t going to be the same Pedro that Jeter and Posada and the rest remember from Boston. I’m not sure the experience against one another plays a huge role, but certainly this is going to be a tough place to pitch for Martinez and this Yankees lineup is awfully dangerous. I’ll take this Yankees lineup over an aging Martinez, but I’ll say that respectfully. The guy can still pitch. Just ask the Dodgers.

3. Do you think the Yankees will go with a 3 man or a 4 man rotation for the World Series? Which would you do?

Four man. That’s what I think they’ll do and that’s what I would do. I would pitch Sabathia in Game 4 and Gaudin in Game 5. That leaves a fully rested Burnett/Pettitte for Game 6, and the off day between 5 and 6 means the Yankees can burn through a ton of relievers without losing them for the next game.

4. Do you think the set-up man role is open right now? Girardi has stuck by Hughes, but if Hughes struggles?

I still think Hughes has the job, mostly because Chamberlain hasn’t been lights out. He’s allowed some hits of his own. I’m a huge Robertson believer, and I think the eighth inning might be his one day, but I’m not sure a few big outs by Robertson and a couple of bad innings by Hughes is enough to swap roles. Hughes earned this spot and I’m not sure anyone has done enough to take it from him.

5. Having covered the Phillies farm system in the past, can you give us some background on their core players?

Utley is the best player I ever saw in Scranton. He and I weren’t especially close — he was never particularly comfortable with the media back then — but he’s a terrific, terrific hitter. I touched on Howard, who can do more than hit home runs. He has a lot of power to left-center. Victorino isn’t so underrated anymore thanks to the all-star game, but he’s had a lot of talent for a long time. Good speed. Good power. Terrific arm. I’ve said before that I think Victorino is the kind of player the Yankees hope Austin Jackson becomes. Don’t count out Carlos Ruiz. His numbers aren’t good, but he’s a dangerous hitter and does good work behind the plate. He works great with pitchers. That’s why he’s remained an everyday catcher.

6. What do you think is the biggest problem for the Yankees going into the World Series?

I think there should be a little bit of concern about the middle of the order, outside of Rodriguez. Teixeira and Matsui got it done this season, but both have been a bit cold in the playoffs and I think the Yankees need both of them to break out oit.

7. For the Phillies?

The bullpen. The rotation has some question marks, but the bullpen is full of them. Brad Lidge has pitched really well this postseason, but I don’t know any Phillies fan who feels particularly comfortable with him in the ninth. And getting to him is hardly a sure thing.

8. Any bold predictions for the series?

Nothing too bold, but I’ll say Teixeira snaps out of it and Utley gives the Yankees more trouble than Howard.

Quick Questions:

  • Who wins, how many games? Yankees in six.
  • Best starter? Sabathia.
  • Best Hitter? Utley.
  • Best Reliever? Rivera, with Hughes getting back on course in the eighth.
  • World Series MVP? Jeter.

CC You in Game Four

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

According to the Star Ledger, Joe Girardi has official announced that CC Sabathia will pitch game 4 of the ALCS. This means that he will be going on 3 days rest. Now in the past, when CC has gone on 3 days rest in the playoffs, it hasn’t worked out well for him (I don’t think I need to go into what happened last year). However, this year is different. The Yankees cautiously gave him lots of rest down the stretch in hopes that it would allow him to pitch better in the playoffs, and so far, they’ve been right.

After looking absolutely dominant in his first two outings, CC will face his first true test as not only will he not be as well-rested, but he’ll be pitching in Angel Stadium for the 3rd time this season. CC is 0-1 with a 6.75 ERA at the Big A this season.

Despite those numbers, I still feel it’s the right move for Joe Girardi. Say the Halos win tomorrow afternoon, making the series 2-1 Yankees. Would you really feel safe handing the ball to Chad Gaudin with the Angels oh-so-close to evening the series? If that were to happen, pitching CC in game 5 would be a lot less significant. The Yankees might be able to notch a win but would then be throwing the always-frustrating A.J. Burnett out there for game 6. Plus if CC were to lose, then those two games would become must-wins for the Yanks, a situation I can assure you they do not want to be in.

Now there is another side to this argument and that is Chad Gaudin and the Yankees bullpen. Gaudin pitched extremely well down the stretch, going into the 6th inning in 3 of his last 4 starts. Plus he didn’t pitch in last night’s bullpen extravaganza so he would be very well rested. If he can give the Yankees 6 quality innings (which he’s proven to be able to do, even if he later falters in the 7th) then Girardi could turn it over to the ‘pen to close it out.

That’s one of the key advantages the Yankees have this post-season: their bullpen. Joba Chamberlain to Phil Hughes to Mariano Rivera makes up on the best back-end bullpens we’ve seen in a very long time. So if Chad Gaudin could go 6 or even 5 (don’t forget about K-Rob) the Yanks would still have a good shot at winning. However, all of that goes down the drain if John Lackey can pitch the way he did against the Red Sox in the ALDS.

Going with Sabathia gives the Yankees their best shot at winning and I believe this to be a good move by Joe Girardi. However, my feelings don’t matter in this situation. All that matters now is how Andy Pettitte the Yankees can fare in game three against Jared Weaver and his halos. Get pumped for a good one and I’ll CC you in game 4

Kennedy Officially Promoted, Carson Makes it to the MLB

September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

-Ian Kennedy was officially added to the active roster yesterday. He hopes to get work in as a long-reliever.

-Joba Chamberlain will try to go at least 5 innings today

-Matt Carson made it to the MLB with the Oakland A’s. Carson, a former Yankees farm-hand, was a Shelley Duncan type player for the A’s.

-Chad Gaudin has officially become the Yankees 5th starter, with Sergio Mitre going to the bullpen.

-I will not be able to post tomorrow, as I am going to the Mets game.

Series Preview: 9/15-9/16 Toronto Blue Jays AT New York Yankees

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

The Yankees start a two game set at home tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays. Here is my preview:

Tonight: RHP Sergio Mitre (3-2, 7.02) vs. RHP Roy Halladay (14-9, 3.03)

Wednesday: Chad Gaudin (5-10, 4.81) vs. LHP Brian Tallet (7-9, 5.26)

Tonight: Sergio Mitre made his last start against the Blue Jays, pitching 4.1 Innings, giving up 11 hits and 11 runs (9 earned.) In Halladay’s last start vs. the Yankees he pitched 9 innings giving up only 1 hit and 0 earned runs.

Wednesday: Gaudin pitched 3.2 innings giving up 4 hits and 3 earned runs in his last start vs. the Blue Jays. He is 1-0 with a 4.10 ERA in 26 lifetime appearances vs. the Blue Jays. Tallet faced Mitre in his last start giving up 5 earned runs in 5 innings.


Tonight: Blue Jays win 10-2
Wednesday: Yankees win 9-3

Chad Gaudin Should be on the Playoff Roster

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

-If you aren’t/weren’t watching the game tonight….you missed out. Chad Gaudin threw an absolute gem tonight and may have pitched himself into a playoff roster spot. After Sergio Mitre’s horrid start Sunday and Gaudin’s terrific start tonight….I don’t see why not.

David Robertson will visit Dr. James Andrews with tightness in his arm.

-The Pinstriper will be posting only between 3-11ish on weeknights and any time during the weekends. Sorry, but work is important too.

Series Preview: 9/7-9/9 Tampa Bay Rays AT New York Yankees

September 7, 2009 Leave a comment

MONDAY GAME 1: TB: Matt Garza (7-9, 4.01) AT NYY: CC Sabathia (16-7, 3.48)

-Garza is 0-1 with a 2.84 ERA against the Yankees this year. Sabathia is 0-1 with a 5.93 ERA vs. Tampa Bay this year. In his career Sabathia is 7-2 with a 2.95 ERA vs. the Rays. Sabathia is also 20-11 with a 2.80 ERA in September in his career.

MONDAY GAME 2: TB: Andy Sonnanstine (6-8, 6.62) AT NYY: A.J. Burnett (10-8, 4.29)

-Sonnanstine is 0-1 with a 4.19 ERA against the Yankees this year, while Burnett is 2-0 with a 2.14 ERA against the Rays this year.

TUESDAY: TB: David Price (7-7, 4.75) AT NYY: Chad Gaudin (1-0, 4.08)

-Price has only faced the Yankees twice in his career (once starting once in relief). The start came this year, as he went 5.2 IP giving up 2 hits and 1 ER. Gaudin hasn’t faced the Rays this year, he is 1-2 with a 4.61 ERA in 4 games pitched against the Rays in his career (2 starts).

WEDNESDAY: TB: Jeff Niemann (12-5, 3.67) AT NYY: Joba Chamberlain (8-5, 4.41)

-Niemann faced the Yankees once in his career pitching 3.1 Innings while giving up 3 hits and 2 ER. I refuse to give any stats about Joba Chamberlain, as I am too dissapointed in him to talk about him. If you want his stats go here.


MONDAY: (GAME 1): Yankees 4, Rays 0

MONDAY: (GAME 2): Yankees 8, Rays 5

TUESDAY: Rays 6, Yankees 2

WEDNESDAY: Yankees 10, Rays 6

Problem: Sergio Mitre

September 6, 2009 2 comments

On August 30th I wrote an apology to Sergio Mitre after his brilliant performance against the Chicago Whitesox. Now….I wish I could take that post back put it into a fire and burn it down. I am appauled at myself that I would trust such a bad pitcher after only one start. I apologize to my readers. Mitre is currently battling for a post-season roster spot with Chad Gaudin (who I hope will win) and is probably losing. He threw 4.1 IP giving up 11 hits and 11 runs (9 earned) against the Toronto Blue Jays today. His ERA is up to 7.02 and his WHIP is at 1.76. I say DFA Mitre now to activate someone like Jason Hirsh (who did leave his AAA start after 0.1 IP…possibly due to injury, however) or Zach Kroenke.

No matter what the Yankees do….they cannot afford to give a valuable roster spot in the playoffs to such a horrible pitcher.

Yankees Recap: 8/29 Chicago Whitesox AT New York Yankees

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Prior to the 2003 season, the Yankees were involved in a big bidding war with the Boston Red Sox for the services of Cuban defector Jose Contreras. The Yankees ultimately won that battle, but in the long run Contreras was a bad signing. The Yankees got a little revenge yesterday, pounding the now Chicago White Sox pitcher en route to a 10-0 Yankees victory.

The game also marked the finest performance this season by Sergio Mitre since his recall by the big club back on July 21. He retired the first 13 White Sox to start the game and allowed just one hit over 6 1/3 innings, before being forced to depart when a line drive off the bat of A.J. Pierzynski struck his right forearm. For now, Mitre will be considered day-to-day after the imprint of the baseball was clearly visible on his arm.

The Yankees offense gave Mitre plenty of support early and often. Consecutive base hits by Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano, and Jerry Hairston Jr. (2 RBI), starting in place of Melky Cabrera, put the Bombers up 2-0 in the 2nd inning. A walk to Jose Molina and a sac bunt by Derek Jeter set things up for Johnny Damon, who delivered both runners with a double for a 4-0 Yankees advantage.

The Yankees continued the onslaught in the 4th with another four-run outburst. Jeter singled to start the frame and Damon reached on an error by Jayson Nix that allowed both runners to move into scoring position. An Alex Rodriguez single and a Hideki Matsui double extended the lead to 6-0 and sent Contreras to the showers. Swisher greeted D.J. Carrasco with an RBI single and Cano brought the final run home with a productive ground out.

Mitre cruised through the first four innings, his slider working as effectively as it ever had, and recording five ground ball outs plus a pair of strikeouts. Rodriguez temporarily kept the perfect game going when he dove to his right to snare Paul Konerko’s grounder and threw out the White Sox 1st baseman to start the 5th inning. But DH Jim Thome ripped a line drive past Mark Teixeira to break up the no-no and perfect game in one swing of the bat.

Mitre walked Brent Lillibridge to open the 7th before Pierzynski’s ball ricocheted off Mitre’s arm and went behind the mound. Before feeling the pain, the Yankees starter tracked the ball down and threw out the White Sox catcher at 1st base for the inning’s first out. Trainer Gene Monahan and manager Joe Girardi quickly came to the mound and immediately got Mitre out of there once they saw the swelling that had begun. The White Sox wouldn’t benefit from Mitre’s removal though, as Chad Gaudin came on and allowed just one walk in 2 2/3 innings while striking out four.

Game Notes

Alex Rodriguez belted his 23rd home run of the season in the 8th inning for the game’s final tally. It was home run #576 for his career, putting him 7 behind Mark McGwire for 8th place on the all-time list.

Derek Jeter had his 7th 3-hit game of the month and his 14th multi-hit game. He’s now 13 hits shy of tying Lou Gehrig’s franchise record.

Joba Chamberlain goes in the series finale this afternoon (1 P.M. ET) as the Yankees go for the series sweep. Girardi would not reveal if Chamberlain was on a pitch count as has been rumored. Freddy Garcia makes his third start of the season for the White Sox.

*This post was written by Drew Sarver of My Pinstripes*

Russ Ortiz Opts-Out of Contract

August 17, 2009 1 comment

Russ Ortiz opted out of his AAA contract today, ending his Yankees career. Ortiz was great for the Scranton Yankees going 2-1 with a 1.59 ERA in 3 starts. Ortiz was given an opt-out clause after 3 starts for AAA and chose to exercise it. The Yankees have now lost one of their few options for a 5th-starter if Sergio Mitre struggles. The options left appear to be Chad Gaudin, Josh Towers, or Kei Igawa.