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This is the Guy with the Predictions?

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Overrated. That’s all I have to say. I respect the Phillies. I like the Phillies. I do not respect or like this man. He should not be even called a man. (In case you didn’t know that is Jimmy Rollins, who stated that if they were lucky the Yankees would win one game this series)


October 20, 2009 4 comments

Ok I wasn’t supposed to post anything today based on my schedule but you know what I don’t care. A video has surfaced on the internet that accuses Mariano Rivera of cheating. It says that he spit on the ball to get the three outs in yesterdays game.

A. Mariano Rivera wouldn’t cheat. He got his powers (yes he is a superhero) from a freak accident as reported by Sports Illustrated.

B. The accusers are BLOG WRITERS who blog guess who? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

C. No one would even consider for a second that Mariano Rivera would do this AND he was facing the umpires (outfield and 2nd base) when he did this so called action.

D. He spit. So what? 99.9% of baseball players spit during the game. Rivera just happened to spit near the ball.

This isn’t a newsworthy story. This blog doesn’t deserve publicity and the video should be erased. MLB has investigated and found no evidence. I guarantee you if you ask any person with any remote knowledge of baseball you will find out that Mariano Rivera is the classiest player in baseball. He did not speak to reporters after blowing a save one day…..what happened the next day? He apologized, spoke to reporters, and said he had a family matter to take care of.

If the Angels bloggers feel any bit better for writing this garbage story that doesn’t deserve to be linked to by me, great for them.

This is a pathetic situation that should not be taking up your time but I am writing about it because I am furious that someone would accuse the best closer of all time of cheating the game.

Its a cutter. A cutter involves movement. It’s a spit. People spit. It was near the ball OH NO. Grow up and write a reasonable story next time that maybe-just maybe-will have an ounce of credibility.


Grow Up

October 10, 2009 2 comments

I was at the Yankees game last night. What an amazing game. I had some great fans around me that were talking to me about the game high-fiving me and didn’t miss a single pitch. (Of course excluding the people sitting next to me who left in the 8th inning because their 3 year old needed sleep)

There were, however, terrible fans a few sections over from me. A man wearing a Mickey Mantle t-shirt did something, I don’t know what, wrong. The security officer came up and talked to the man. The officer did not take him away. Then, with another officer, they did take him away. The Mantle man tried to retailliate and not allow them to take him but it did not work. He made some hand motions at them and was a very bad person. So whats wrong with one bad fan? Most of the fans around him were cheering for the drunk guy and booing the officers. Really? They’re doing their jobs and for that they should be cheered. This paricite of a drunk guy shouldn’t have gone to a Yankees game in the 1st place. Give your tickets to some kid or something. Don’t waste your time at an amazing, amazing game being a complete and total idiot.

The fans around me did not cheer or boo, for those who are wondering.

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