Wang Becomes Free Agent

December 13, 2009 2 comments

The Chien-Ming Wang era in New York has finally ended (*mixed boos and cheers*). The Yankees decided on not tendering Wangs contract before the 11:59pm deadline Saturday. New York opted to tender contracts to outfielder Melky Cabrera and pitchers Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre. The decision basically came down to starters/trade bait. Cabrera is the current left fielder (and trade bait), and Gaudin and Mitre are current candidates for the back of the rotation. Had the Yankees tendered his contract, arbitration would have given him 20% less than his $5 mil. contract for this season.

photo by AP/Franklin II

In 104 career starts as a Yankee, he went 55-26 with a 4.16 ERA in 5 seasons as a Yankee. Of course, his two 19-win seasons were considered his best, and his accuracy was pin-point. He started 2008 8-2 and everyone remembers that one June day in 2008 in Houston when he tore a muscle in his foot and sprained his ankle rounding third base causing him to be out until September. Then this past season came, and he got knocked around and had a record of 1-6 with a 9.64 ERA before he was shut down for the season due to shoulder surgery.
Wang and his agent expect to get offers from other teams very soon, and if it would be from the Yanks it would be for much less money.

Better Yankee of the Decade: #1 Mariano Rivera vs. #2 Tino Martinez

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Derek Jeter defeated Alex Rodriguez 13-1 in the last matchup.

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Better Player of the Decade for the Yankees: #1 Derek Jeter or #3 Alex Rodriguez?

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Mariano Rivera defeated Alfonso Soriano 18-1 in the last matchup.

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The Pinstriper

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Welcome to The Pinstriper!

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Better Player of the Decade for the Yankees: #1 Mariano Rivera or #4 Alfonso Soriano

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Andy Pettitte defeated Enrique Wilson 18-0 in the last matchup.

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Keeping Your Eye on the Ball? Not Possible.

December 11, 2009 2 comments

(Photo by Chris Edwards)

Every once in a while we here at the Pinstriper like to talk amongst ourselves about the myths of baseball. So we decided why not share what we have discussed with our lovely readers?

Baseball Myths: Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

Aynone who played baseball, or any other sport involving a ball, as a child always heard the same advice over and over and over. Keep your eye on the ball. Keep your eye on the ball. You were supposed to keep your eye on the ball while you were hitting, fielding, and running. Heck, you had to watch that ball while you were on the bench. It was beaten into your brain like multiplication tables. But is it even possible? At the major league level, scientists say no.

A study by Ken Fold who is a visual psychophysicist who works at the University of New Hampshire concluded that it was physically impossible for hitters to keep their eyes on the ball. When the ball is traveling at major league speeds between 90 and 100 mph players can only see the ball 5 to 6 feet in front of the plate at best. So the next time you see Johnny Damon’s head fly around in the box and his eyes start drifting towards the right field fence, don’t get so upset, he can’t do much better.

On a side note, how great would it be to have Fold’s job title at Holiday parties or around the family table? So Bobby, what do you do now? Oh I am a publicist for a small chain of grocery stores. Thats nice, what about you Ken? Visual psychophysicist. No contest.

We will be back soon with more baseball myths. Thanks for reading!

Better Player of the Decade for the Yankees: #1 Jorge Posada or #6 Enrique Wilson

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Andy Pettitte got the shutout 19-0 in the last matchup.

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