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Series Preview: Yankees AT Redsox

The Yankees start a 3 game series in Boston tonight. The series could very well be the clinching moment in either teams season, as the Yankees can take as big as a 9 1/2 game lead on their rivals. The Redsox, however could narrow the lead down to as little as 3 1/2 games. Lets get to the matchups and predictions:

FRIDAY: Andy Pettite AT Brad Penny
Andy Pettite has been great of late, while Brad Penny has been…well….Brad Penny. Pettite last faced the Redsox in New York last Sunday pitching 7 IP while giving up 5 hits and 0 ER. Penny only faced the Yankees once this year pitching 6 scoreless innings, while giving up 6 hits.

SATURDAY: A.J. Burnett AT Junichi Tazawa

Burnett last faced Boston last Friday in the epic battle that Tazawa ended up losing on Alex Rodriguez’s walk off homerun in the 15th inning. Burnett was nothing short of spectacular in that game giving up only 1 hit (which came in the 1st inning) in 7 2/3.

SUNDAY: CC Sabathia AT Josh Beckett

Beckett was the other pitcher in the 15 inning game, pitching 7 scoreless innings of his own. CC Sabathia 7 2/3 giving up only 2 hits in a Yankees 5-0 win. Sabathia is always at his best in August going 32-9 with a 3.14 ERA in his career in August. Beckett is 14-15 with a 4.18 ERA, however.


FRIDAY: Yankees jump out and score 2 in the first on a 2-run single by Jorge Posada (that already happened) and hold on to that lead, winning 7-4.

SATURDAY: The Redsox will take this game (although I am very, very likely to be wrong on this) by capitalizing on walks by Burnett. Redsox win 5-4.

SUNDAY: Duel in Boston. Enough said. 2-0 Yankees win.

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