Yankees Prospect Dilemma

Many people would love it if the Yankees managed to sign all of the free agent starters out there. Some want Burnett, some want Lowe, others want both. Seems like all want CC Sabathia. Andy Pettite is poised to sign with New York, but that adds at least 2 pitchers to the rotation. Lets take a look…..

1. Wang
2. Sabathia?
3. Lowe?Burnett?
4. Joba
5. Pettite?

That looks great, doesn’t it?

I think it does.

So I began to look at that rotation, trying to figure out what made me have this empty feeling inside……then it hit me……

Where are the prospects?

Phil Hughes, Alfredo Aceves, Phil Coke, and even Ian Kennedy all seem poised to enter the MLB once again this year as starters. What do they just say no? Make them relievers? Here is my master plan:


1. Wang
2. Sabathia
3. Lowe
4. Pettite
5. Prospect Starter that wins battle in spring training (see players above)

SU: Joba
SU: Coke

Phil Coke is an effective lefty reliever and why not give him a chance in the bullpen.

I think Joba is a no-brainer. He will replace Rivera when he retires and will serve as a 1-2 inning shut down set-up man until then.

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