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MY MVP Ballot

Here is my MVP ballot for the AL

1. Justin Morneau, MIN (real ranking: 2)
2. Dustin Pedroia, BOS (real ranking: 1)
3. Joe Mauer, MIN (real ranking: 4)
4. Carlos Pena, TB (real ranking: 9)
5. Kevin Youkilis, BOS (real ranking: 3)
6. Carlos Quentin, CWS (real ranking: 5)
7. Mike Mussina, NYY (real ranking: 19th)
8. Josh Hamilton, TEX (real ranking: 7th)
9. Alex Rodriguez, NYY (real ranking: 8th)
10.Jermaine Dye, CWS (real ranking: 15th)


My ballot is based purely on the following format:

A. Did the players team make the playoffs?
B. Would the team make the playoffs without this player?
C. How valuable was this player to the team?
D. Was this player a vocal leader?
E. Was this players stats good enough for an MVP?
F. How important is this players position to the game

Without Morneau the Twins would most likely come in 3rd-5th place.
Without Pedroia the Redsox are a playoff team still.

Other questions:

Why Mike Mussina?

Just listen. Mike Mussina got 20 wins. Chien Ming Wang has not done that yet, Mike Mussina hasn’t done that before this year. Sure, the Yankees did not make the playoffs, but without Mussina most likely the Yankees would have come in 4th place. He kept them in it.

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