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TOP 100 Free Agent Predictions (Rankings based upon Jeff Passan’s rankings)

In my first post in nearly a month (i’ve been busy) i have decided to use Jeff Passan’s top 100 free agent list and predict where they will land…..

1) CC Sabathia, SP: New York Yankees

2) Mark Teixeira, 1B: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

3) Manny Ramirez, OF: Los Angeles Dodgers

4) A.J. Burnett, SP: Toronto Blue Jays

5) Francisco Rodriguez, RP: New York Mets

6) Rafael Furcal, SS: Oakland Athletics

7) Adam Dunn, OF: Washington Nationals

8) Ben Sheets, SP: Houston Astros

9) Orlando Hudson, 2B: St. Louis Cardinals

10) Derek Lowe, SP: New York Yankees

11) Pat Burrell, OF: Tampa Bay Rays

12) Ryan Dempster, SP: Chicago Cubs

13) Bobby Abreu, OF: Chicago Cubs

14) Brian Fuentes, RP: St. Louis Cardinals

15) Oliver Perez, SP: New York Mets

16) Raul Ibanez, OF: New York Mets

17) Kerry Wood, RP: Detroit Tigers

18) Milton Bradley, OF/DH: Toronto Blue Jays

19) Brad Penny, SP: Milwaukee Brewers

20) Edgar Renteria, SS: Atlanta Braves

21) Jon Garland, SP: Texas Rangers

22) Casey Blake, 1B/3B/OF: Los Angeles Dodgers

23) Juan Cruz, RP: Milwaukee Brewers

24) Junichi Tawaza, SP: Atlanta Braves

26) Orlando Cabrera, SS: Detroit Tigers

27) Mike Mussina, SP: Retirement

28) Andy Pettitte, SP: New York Yankees

29) Randy Johnson, SP: Los Angeles Dodgers

30) Koji Uehara, SP/RP: Boston Redsox

31) Jason Giambi, DH: Oakland Athletics

32) Garret Anderson, OF: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

33) Juan Rivera, OF: Cincinnati Reds

34) Randy Wolf, SP: Houston Astros

35) Ivan Rodriguez, C: New York Mets

36) Jamie Moyer, SP: Philadelphia Phillies

37) Braden Looper, SP: Minnesota Twins

38) Jason Varitek, C: Detroit Tigers

39) Mark Grudzielanek, 2B: Minnesota Twins

40) Brian Shouse, RP: St. Louis Cardinals

41) Trevor Hoffman, RP: Cleveland Indians

42) Rocco Baldelli, OF: Toronto Blue Jays

43) Ken Griffey Jr., OF/DH: Seattle Mariners

44) Jim Edmonds, OF: Texas Rangers

45) Kenshin Kawakami, SP: Kansas City Royals

46) Greg Maddux, SP: Retirement

47) Paul Byrd, SP: Texas Rangers

48) Ray Durham, 2B: Houston Astros

49) Russ Springer, RP: New York Mets

50) Joe Beimel, RP: Los Angeles Dodgers

51) John Smoltz, SP/RP: Atlanta Braves

52) Darren Oliver, RP: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

53) Pedro Martinez, SP: Baltimore Orioles

54) Juan Uribe, 2B/SS/3B: Cincinnati Reds

55) Doug Brocail, RP: Houston Astros

56) Damaso Marte, RP: New York Yankees (already happened)

57) Jeff Kent, 2B: San Fransisco Giants

58) Chan Ho Park, RP: Los Angeles Dodgers

59) Mark Kotsay, 1B/OF: Philadelphia Phillies

60) Eric Hinske, 1B/OF: Tampa Bay Rays

61) Freddy Garcia, SP: Detroit Tigers

62) Jeremy Affeldt, RP: Milwaukee Brewers

63) Dennys Reyes, RP: Minnesota Twins

64) Nomar Garciaparra, UT: Detroit Tigers

65) Will Ohman, RP: Texas Rangers

66) Arthur Rhodes, RP: Oakland Athletics

67) David Weathers, RP: Pittsburgh Pirates

68) Brandon Lyon, RP: Atlanta Braves

69) Eddie Guardado, RP: Seattle Mariners

70) Tom Glavine, SP: Atlanta Braves

71) Kevin Millar, 1B: New York Mets

72) Kyle Farnsworth, RP: Toronto Blue Jays

73) David Eckstein, SS/2B: Arizona Diamondbacks

74) Mark Prior, SP: Detroit Tigers (WOOD PRIOR REUNION! I can see Detroit risking it)

75) Cliff Floyd, DH: Chicago Cubs

76) Cesar Izturis, SS: Chicago White Sox

77) Sean Casey, 1B: Tampa Bay Rays (this year’s Cliff Floyd)

78) Felipe Lopez, 2B/SS: St. Louis Cardinals

79) Nick Punto, UT: Oakland Athletics

80) Rich Aurilia, 1B: San Fransisco Giants

81) Omar Vizquel, SS: Cleveland Indians

82) Kenny Rogers, SP: Arizona Diamondbacks

83) Moises Alou, OF: Retirement

84) Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B/OF: Texas Rangers

85) Ramon Vazquez UT: Philadelphia Phillies

86) Trever Miller, RP: Atlanta Braves

87) Mike Hampton, SP: Atlanta Braves

88) Odalis Perez, SP: Baltimore Orioles

89) Frank Thomas, DH: Retirement

90) Gabe Kapler, OF: Florida Marlins

91) Russell Branyan, 3B: Milwaukee Brewers

92) David Ross, C: Boston Redsox

93) Emil Brown, OF: Colorado Rockies

94) Mark Loretta, UT: New York Mets

95) Brad Wilkerson, 1B/OF: Milwaukee Brewers

96) Aaron Boone, UT: Washington Nationals

97) Chad Cordero, RP: Los Angeles Angels

98) Luis Ayala, RP: New York Mets

99) Alan Embree, RP: New York Yankees

100) Curt Schilling, SP: Oakland Athletics

Hopefully I can get this on the Lohud Blog or Mlbtraderumors so i can see how people feel about my predictions.

Thanks for reading!

  1. Anonymous
    November 28, 2008 at 5:31 AM

    i like it, but i dont think you take in to consideration how much jeff kent and san fran hate eachother

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